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The Lindsay Tract Trails are located north of Ferndale on the Bruce Peninsula.

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Currently there are few opportunities for ATV riding on approved or designated trails in Bruce or Grey Counties, although riding is permitted on some portions of the Bruce County Rail Trail and in certain areas of some county municipalities.

To ride in a particular municipality, please check with the clerk’s office in the municipality to ensure a bylaw has been passed permitting ATV use.

To ride the open portions of the Bruce County Rail Trail, ATVers must have a valid Gold Trail Permit. There are two active ATV clubs in Bruce County, both of which are affiliated with the Eastern Ontario Trails Alliance.

Annual permits (memberships) in the Huron Shores ATV Club and the South Bruce Peninsula ATV Club are available through the Eastern Ontario Trails Alliance Daily, weekly and annual passes are available from several locations in Bruce County. Please check below for a listing of sales centres.

Annual ATV permits are $150.00

Weekly ATV permits are $75.00

Daily ATV permits are $20.00

Some municipalities in Bruce County permit ATVs on streets to access fuel, food or accommodations. It is important that municipal bylaws be checked prior to entering a municipality on an ATV to ensure such use is permitted.

Please note: The Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs uses the Bruce County Rail Trail during the winter months and it is important for ATVs to stay off the trail during the winter.

There are 1 ATV trails in Bruce and Grey Counties 

Bruce County Rail Trail
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