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The Lindsay Tract Trails are located north of Ferndale on the Bruce Peninsula.

A five-year plan will
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Trail Etiquette

  • Expect and Respect other trail Users
  • Keep to the right to allow other users to pass on your left. When stopping for a break, move to the side to allow others room to pass.
  • Stay on the trail! Don't make new trails or use unmarked (unsigned) trails.
  • Respect neighbouring landowners by staying off private property, and avoid excessive noise.
  • Leave the trail as you found it; whatever you pack in, pack out. Leave the wildflowers and wildlife for others to enjoy.
  • Maintain control of your pets. Carry a leash for your dog and be prepared to use it. 'Stoop and Scoop' near residential areas and when waste is on the trail path.
  • Use trails only according to the permitted uses indicated on the signage. Some trails are user specific i.e. hiking or snowmobile only trails.
  • Some trails may close seasonally. Obey any trail closure signs.
  • Most trails experience problems in the spring. Check the trail conditions. If you are leaving tracks over " deep don't use the trail. If there are no signs posted, but weather conditions have been bad, do not use the trail.
  • Some trails require user fees. Check with the Trail Association or Conservation Area and be prepared to pay a fee. These monies help to maintain the trail.


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